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Matt 06-Aug-19 08:53 PM
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Hiya folks, this is to talk about Kieran's resignation.
Savage 06-Aug-19 08:53 PM
Matt 06-Aug-19 08:53 PM
A Front-end Developer that's worked on many sites, projects & previous Development Team member of PrimeVTC
First of all Kieran, I would like to ask - why did you put this on our drivers hub instead of DMing this to us?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 08:55 PM
It was originally out of anger of nothing being done about any of it and I was suggested to put it on the DH to show people how it really is with staff...
Christopher 06-Aug-19 08:56 PM
We are here to adress some stuff said there.
Matt 06-Aug-19 08:57 PM
So you are happy to say that you posted content under NDA, without permission, on our Drivers Hub using news posts?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 08:58 PM
well yes, not very proud of it but i did indeed. I did remove it after request
Matt 06-Aug-19 08:58 PM
Okay I understand. What I'm struggling to understand is why put it on the Drivers Hub and not send it to management?
Christopher 06-Aug-19 08:59 PM
Apparantely it was a resignation statement to us, not drivers?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 08:59 PM
because i couldn't trust management with matters like this after my experiences
originally it was for you but i realised it would possibly make no difference
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:00 PM
Okay, I appreciate that but you posted a resignation to drivers, not your managers?
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:00 PM
So you wanted to resign, you "didn't trust management" so you decided to post it on the drivershub, abusing your powers as a developer? Well that's weird, if I remember corretly my DMs are always open and I'm always dealing with everything and responding to everyone.
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:01 PM
Same here, you know my DMs are open as well
I'm really struggling to understand this Kieran
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:02 PM
So instead of taking it professionally, you decided to well, do what you did. Posted a resignation statement in the DH for drivers? and leaked NDA. (edited)
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:03 PM
Yes i did, but why should I act professional about all of this stuff when nobody else was concerned nor wanting to know about anything
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:03 PM
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:03 PM
Concerned about what Kieran?
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:04 PM
Sorry, but I don't understand your point at all, Kieran.
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:05 PM
well the fact you all continued with the behaviour and let all of this stuff slide and happen even though i was making constant complaints in chat, non of you were taking any notice so why would you think that maybe i should send it because you care because you guys obviously didnt when i was posting it in dev team?
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:07 PM
You mean your constant cursing with caps on Sana?
Even Darkhej wasn't happy with it.
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:07 PM
Kieran, you didn't give us time to deal with this. Yes, we were going to release a statement about IFMP and how we go forward with that however you must know this is going to be dealt with. And yes your constant complaints in development team, I appreciate them - we noticed them, however complaining in a team only chat is not the way to report stuff you are unhappy with - you know this Kieran. That's how the Chain of Command works.
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:08 PM
Well what's the point in the chain of command, after seeing so many people go on that their feedback was not dealt with is really going to make me think, yeah i'll do a feedback and get it sorted.
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:09 PM
Tell me, how do you know what feedback is and is not dealt with.
I'd like to see proof we are not dealing with feedbacks, Kieran.
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:09 PM
alright then.
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:10 PM
Because we are, but we won't scream in public chat "GUYS WE JUST DEALT WITH (user) FEEDBACK!"
Don't you remember me dealing with your feedback Kieran
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:11 PM
"anonymous user" you say
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:12 PM
what do you want me to say? the actual person who got all these? hahahaha
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:12 PM
We all know.
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:12 PM
Kieran stop being immature
With your screensharing to your friends right now
We know
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:12 PM
what do you mean, stop being immature? and yes, i know that i'm screensharing
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:13 PM
Right, so tell me how is this proof we are not dealing with feedbacks?
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:13 PM
"hahahaha" in a serious conversation.
A person that's leaked something - really funny mate.
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:13 PM
the joking, the fact that there were no follow ups to them
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:13 PM - I've put the screenshot, so Management could read it without the link.
And we dealt with it on the management meeting
Show me the proof we didn't
Please I'm waiting Kieran
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:14 PM
right then why are those who sent the feedbacks never got follow ups
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:14 PM - Guess about who that feedback was, --------, OH LOOK, He was removed for toxic behavior an NDA leeks
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:15 PM
also those screenshots i showed in the private chat were what was given to me
also the one that was "no author aka jackneal" wasnt jack actually
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:16 PM
These are very old feedbacks, we started to send DMs (if needed) few months ago. And those who have no author, Tell me how can we follow up to people who sent it waitwhat
Sorry, can't read minds yet? waitwhat
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:17 PM
you know the thing of " ✅ ➕ " was a system that all of a sudden disappeared for a lot of tickets
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:17 PM
So what?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:17 PM
plus the thing cody sent, he didnt get no follow up
so please, explain.
---- got no follow up to the feedback either
explain that
also you just lost ---- as a member as he's sick and tired of all this shit and you targeting him when he wasn't even fucking involved in this shitshow
you honestly think that bullying people out like this will fucking work?
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:19 PM
Targeting him?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:20 PM
yeah i'd say so
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:20 PM
We didn’t target no one
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:21 PM
yeah, i didnt think you were, smh
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:21 PM
And I said to ---- about the situation in staff chat yesterday that he was fine
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:21 PM
Are you telling me if embed doesn't have ✅ ➕ means we didn't deal with them? Kieran you're making me laugh. We were dealing with all of them (we possibly could, aka no authors), internally on management meetings so didn't have access too. ---- - Feb 24, I've explained we didn't send DMs Cody - I will adress it in a moment Bullying?? Christ sake Kieran, We've talked to him if he was involved in your Gang Up on Prime group. And you just proven that, thank you.
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:21 PM
also want proof that cody got no follow up?
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:21 PM
You just make situation 10 times worse for him Kieran
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:21 PM
chris fuck off you stupid idiot
he wasnt part of no fucking gang up
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:21 PM
I said I will adress Cody in a moment
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:21 PM
Why is ---- in this group? (edited)
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:22 PM
he wanted people to talk to just to vent out
and now you're trying to use this "evidence" against him
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:22 PM
Shouldn’t we be concerned if are Staff is getting involved in situations like this?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:22 PM
you honestly think this is great?
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:22 PM
He's a director Kieran
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:22 PM
staff weren't involved in the slightest, ---- needed to vent out
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:22 PM
He was access to A LOT of stuff.
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:23 PM
it doesnt fucking matter if he is a director, you don't treat people like that
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:23 PM
By being added to a group going against us?
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:23 PM
How can we not be concerned about him being in some anty prime groups?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:23 PM
it isn't no anti-prime group
have fun doing this to your own staff
you really wonder why i left, and why people are actually agreeing and seeing what i meant by this
i thought you guys were better than this
you really fucking aren't
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:24 PM
Wdym "you don't treat people like that" You just called me a "stupid fuckin idiot", I didn't
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:24 PM
I thought you were more mature than this Kieran
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:24 PM
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:24 PM
hahaha wow that's rich
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:24 PM
You have been cursing at us all this time
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:24 PM
i said that chris because i'm pissed off how you're doing this to your staff
and letting other staff be just as bad
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:24 PM
Are we disrespectful to you Kieran? You are to us
I am doing this to my staff?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:25 PM
woah hol' up. what about the thing of ---- and arc. and the others eh?
im being disrespectful because of how i was treated and how you're treating others
i am honestly shocked
you really are making quad look like a nice guy after what he did to me
got nothing to say now?
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:27 PM
That's just not okay Kieran, I was defending you many times, I was defening ---- many times, including him almost being fired for NDA Breach and you are telling me that I'm disrespectuful to the staff. That's nice of you saying that I'm worse then Quad
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:28 PM
oh it is nice to say that, glad you liked the compliment. I don't see how defending involves making ---- scared and a complete wreck...
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:29 PM
I love how you are making me the bad one here
Love that
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:29 PM
Oh also got a fair few words for ya from someone (---)
you just ignore everything everyone says and just let that staff do what they want what for a fact no one can stand them because they all have their tongues so far up each others arses and they all just do and please as they like as long as it suits them and its in their favour
i'm not making anyone the bad one, i'm just stating what has happened
i aren't a saint but at least i aren't denying the shit i did
i like how it's just you chris now xd
Mr Chris Lightyear LUL
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:32 PM
I've gone to go eat, my life is more important than you
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:32 PM
He was one of the most toxic staff we had. You can tell him that 😃 We never ignore anything Acutally, I'm gonna be honest. We were indeed ignoring one thing. Your behavior Kieran You dont' even know how many reports and feedback we got about you, constatly cursing and being disrespectfully. Yet, we kept you in the team, becase we and Darkhej valuaed your job. We knew you were a very good dev. Why do you think you were getting "warnings" Kieran?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:33 PM
wow i was getting warnings? you sure it was to the right discord account. Also ---- was not the most toxic at all
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:33 PM
My WiFi keeps dying, I’m using “4G”
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:33 PM
You want toxic, make sure to check in on david
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:33 PM
Want me to show you the restricted chats we had with you?
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:33 PM
And how have you determined that David is toxic?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:34 PM
not ----
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:34 PM
I guess you forgot about them
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:34 PM
oh yeah, i do remember the 2 restricted chats where i was actually in trouble
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:34 PM
oohh yeahh
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:34 PM
Oh matt, how have you not seen...
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:35 PM
Oh Kieran, I didn't know you were HR
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:35 PM
I’m not going to say anything about David because I’ll just get told I stick up for him ..
truestory 1
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:35 PM
So how can you determine this?
That seems to be the assumption
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:35 PM
Just because me and David are friends, does not mean I will stick up for him when he’s wrong.
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:35 PM
the assumption? woah hang on what? 😂
didnt seem like that savage (edited)
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:36 PM
Also why did you thought about ----? I was talking about Jack, the most toxic staff
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:36 PM
the fact a lot of people complain of david being irritating and causing shitshows 😛
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:36 PM
You send a msg from jack, so I responded
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:36 PM
yeah i mention wrong person
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:36 PM
So Kieran, where's the feedback about that then as you seem to have all of them? (edited)
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:37 PM
plus there's differences between toxic and joking 😉
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:37 PM
Yeah, what you've done is pretty toxic ngl
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:37 PM
Oh I bet Jackneal sent you the restricted chat we had with him
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:37 PM
what i've done?
i was there and i saw it
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:37 PM
Yes Kieran, the leaks, how you're acting, etc.
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:37 PM
You are telling me it was "joking"
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:38 PM
the "raise your hand if you think ----'s a twat" is worth a permanent ban with literally no other warnings relating to the behaviour. yet everyone in the channel was not offended and was having a laugh
honestly i think you should get better evidence for most situations
yeah, the way i'm acting is because i'm sticking up for once instead of just putting up with it
also forgot to mention that there was also staff in that voice who were doing the same and having fun like jack
the way i see HR act, is shocking and disgusting. You wonder why many HR staff are leaving or transferring?
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:40 PM
I ain't gonna talk about Jackneal here, as this story is over for ever anyway.
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:41 PM
happy ever after i guess
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:41 PM
"many HR staff leaving" Have you wonder what the reasons might be?
Plus "transfering" People are trying to join HR lmao Kieran They never left HR for other dep
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:42 PM
the fact they never agreed with most of the actions taken by the other members, the fact that they were uncomfortable with the situations.
Also that is a blatant lie
---- left, ---- left
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:42 PM
I was talking about transfers
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:43 PM
whats the difference? not in the department of that category anymore are they?
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:43 PM
Show me staff that transfered to other deps from HR
That's a huge difference
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:43 PM
---- and ---- left because of?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:43 PM
oh chris
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:43 PM
You're sticking up for it? You put a news post that we couldn't remove on the drivers hub. How is any world is that 'sticking up' for something?
You know the way how to report these issues and you didn't do that
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:44 PM
---- left because of lack of time Kieran, Lmaooooo And joined Rec, as I offered him this cause HR was full
aweirdclap gg kieran
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:44 PM
We would've reviewed it. IDC what you say with "it wouldn't have been" - it would've. End of.
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:44 PM
Oh you didn't hear the conversations did u?
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:45 PM
I know why ---- left and we fixed that issue right away within the HR team.
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:45 PM
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:45 PM
Ok, why did he leave then? please go on, nothing i don't know of
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:45 PM
Do we need to tell you?
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:45 PM
If you know, why do you need to tell you?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:45 PM
fixed the issue? i think the way of fixing the issue is to not have those lot being the way they are
please, go on savage. I'd love to know 😏
I love things being covered up 😛
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:46 PM
You said you know already so what’s the point lol?
truestory 1
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:46 PM
i'd like to know what you say the reason is 😉
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:46 PM
We know you know blobshrug If you don't know, we can't tell you
Simple as that
Simple NDA
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:47 PM
Well Kieran, all of us here signed the NDA. You know why we're not telling you :)
Maybe not the people you're screensharing to though ;)
And I'm sure you'll be exporting this chat or whatever
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:47 PM
So what if I'm screensharing, this aint NDA is it?
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:47 PM
Before you saying I breached NDA after saying why ---- left, sadly he publicy said why
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:47 PM
Nope. No need for an NDA now if you cant follow one
TrueStory 1
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:48 PM
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:48 PM
Unless you share some big stuff and we will have to sue you blobshrug
Then NDA will matter for you for sure
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:48 PM
Personal information more specifically ^
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:48 PM
Indeed, indeed
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:48 PM
As you fully know about GDPR Kieran
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:49 PM
hahaha, wow. I wouldn't share personal information the way you think i would
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:49 PM
Yes I think you would
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:49 PM
anyway, i wouldn't achieve anything would i by leaking personal info to everyone 😛
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:49 PM
I wouldn't suggest sharing it at all if I were you
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:50 PM
After losing the trust, I don't know what you'll do next
this 1
Christopher 06-Aug-19 09:50 PM
Idk, would you blobshrug
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:50 PM
what can I do next? thats what i want to know 😉
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:50 PM
You've already leaked stuff in your lovely group DM
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:50 PM
thanks, it is quite lovely
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:50 PM
Well that's up to you mate. I'd recommend you don't leak anything else, my opinion peposhrug
At the end of the day, it's your reputation
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:51 PM
what is there to leak? i kinda lost all of that stuff didnt i? 😛
my reputation? 😂
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:51 PM
Yes your reputation
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:52 PM
honestly my reputation isn't even a minority in this
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:52 PM
Well you obviously downloaded some stuff
I think it is Kieran
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:52 PM
anyway my reputation isnt any of your concern
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:52 PM
It is now
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:52 PM
"downloaded some stuff"
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:52 PM
Why would other VTCs hire you if you've abused your permissions with us?
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:52 PM
I had my issues with Viva but at least I knew not to leak anything 1807_ShrugAnimated
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:53 PM
why would i go to any other VTCs if literally every one of them i had a bad experience in? (edited)
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:53 PM
Well according to your resignation, they are better than Prime
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:54 PM
did i say that they were a better experience than prime?
did i fuck
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:54 PM
Yes you did :)
You said Prime is the worst I've been in
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:54 PM
it is now...
anyway, i'm sick of this, why should i continue with all of this. honestly it's like talking to children
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:55 PM
And you think it's any different for us? 😂
Savage 06-Aug-19 09:55 PM
Oh we’re the children, ok 🤣
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:55 PM
Yes of course Savage
At least we know how to follow an NDA
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:56 PM
you'll never learn...
Matt 06-Aug-19 09:56 PM
And it seems neither will you mate
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 09:56 PM
good luck, you'll need it...