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Christopher 03-Jul-19 12:43 AM
Please be patient, our HR Team will talk to you soon.
Matt 03-Jul-19 12:43 AM
Jack, two things. 1. Not the best way to start a conversation 2. Just give us a moment. Someone will be in contact in a moment
Jamie 03-Jul-19 12:51 AM
Hello @jackneal1 , Unfortunately, we've received an official report regarding your behaviour whilst participating in a voice chat earlier this evening. Upon joining this server, you agreed to obey by our set of #rules and thus you are subject to punishment if you are found to have disregarded them at any point. Having processed the report, we believe you to have breached the following: 1.) Respect everyone in our server. We want to have a nice and friendly atmosphere. 2.) Keep swearing to the minimum. We don’t mind if you swear sometimes. However, do not curse in every sentence you type or speak. Is there anything in which you wish to add before we continue?? (edited)
Christopher 03-Jul-19 12:59 AM
We are dealing with the report against you here. Not judging who else should have been reported.
Jamie 03-Jul-19 01:00 AM
As we've explained to you before, we only act upon reports that are made - we don't choose.
In this situation, a report was made against you and thus we are dealing with it accordingly.
Christopher 03-Jul-19 01:00 AM
We are not "having a go" at you. What Jamie said. We are dealing with the report, not targeting anyone.
Rico 03-Jul-19 01:00 AM
@jackneal1 you were a previous HR Member you should know better really.
Jamie 03-Jul-19 01:01 AM
> Please review the evidence regarding the report. (edited)
Is there anything in which you wish to add now having reviewed the evidence?? (edited)
Christopher 03-Jul-19 01:04 AM
I'm not sure what's funny in this situation.
Savage 03-Jul-19 01:04 AM
why do you find this funny?
Care to explain why you're laughing?
I don't see how insulting people is having a laugh. No one seemed to be laughing to me.
And would you say that follows rule 1 and 2? The video above clearly shows you using profanity a lot and using that much is not allowed in our discord server.
Again, as Jamie has already said and what we have said to you many of times. We are here to deal with you because the report is against you, no one else. If you have evidence about them two, feel free to report them. We are not here to talk about them.
Christopher 03-Jul-19 01:13 AM
well no because im not just some complaining little bitch like some of the others
Everyone is allowed to send a report against other user.
You are complaining we are "targeting" you here, while we are only dealing with a report against you. Then saying we should deal with others, and when we say feel free to report them, you are refusing to do so with a reason quote
well no because im not just some complaining little bitch like some of the others
Savage 03-Jul-19 01:16 AM
Do you think if a public member joined the voice chat and you said that they would feel welcome? That our community is friendly?
Christopher 03-Jul-19 01:17 AM
We cannot reveal information who reported you.
Jamie 03-Jul-19 01:19 AM
And in any case, it is irrelevant. Regardless of your views on whether or not your actions were offensive, clearly somebody did take offense to it.
As we have tried to explain many times, we do not choose who we "have a go at". I mean, you know this you were in the HR team. You know how it works.
You know that isn't how it works. We act on official reports. If you feel that the other users were also in breach of our #rules, you too can report them and it will be looked into.
However, we are hear to discuss this report which was made against YOU as an individual. (edited)
david 03-Jul-19 01:22 AM
If you have nothing to say to defend only yourself, we will proceed with necessary action.
Jamie 03-Jul-19 01:22 AM
And in any case, whether you were provoked by somebody or not, that is not an appropriate way to respond.
Instead, you follow procedure and report them either using !report or !feedback for staff.
Rico 03-Jul-19 01:58 AM
@jackneal1, @SgtBreadStick is here. Please express anything you wish to say.
david 03-Jul-19 01:59 AM
You may read up @SgtBreadStick to understand why you're here. I should remind you that you have the right to remain silent, if you wish to not intervene.
SgtBreadStick 03-Jul-19 02:01 AM
1. I don't think starting it with "you have the right to remain silent" is a good idea especially from a HR member, you're not law enforcement. Me & Jack were in the voice channels the entire day. Nobody took offense of anything said and we were all enjoying ourselves. Though Nutella was provoking us a lot of the time.
Nutella seemed to purposely annoy us and it got me & jack pissed
Which lead to insults, etc... But it was all being taken as a joke
As I said, we all were just enjoying ourselves and doing the usual. Nobody took offense to anything said, so i don't understand why a report was sent in when it wouldn't have been their concern.
Rico 03-Jul-19 02:05 AM
@SgtBreadStick I think you misinterpreted what David said as you are not forced to talk if you do not want to. I don’t get how anything he said seems anything wrong?
SgtBreadStick 03-Jul-19 02:06 AM
"You have the right to remain silent" usually means you have no other right than to be silent. Usually used with law enforcement. Hence my comment above
Rico 03-Jul-19 02:06 AM
And there’s a bit after it 😉 (edited)
SgtBreadStick 03-Jul-19 02:07 AM
Anyway, i'd like to intervene due to what happened
Rico 03-Jul-19 02:07 AM
However, thanks for your point of view on this, HR Team will discuss it from here and his punishment.
david 03-Jul-19 02:12 AM
Kieran said what he had to say, we are currently discussing the matter. This attitude is not helping the situation, either.
Jamie 03-Jul-19 02:31 AM
Okay, so we have reviewed Kieran's contribution and we have reached a mutual decision regarding your situation. Due to the following reasons, we have come to the conclusion that the best course of action is to permanently ban you from our discord effective immediately: 1.) Your attitude towards staff members is totally inappropriate and disrespectful, and this is not the first time in-which we have had to mention this. 2.) Even with Kieran backing up your view that you were provoked before the recording provided, we feel that your response was totally and utterly disgusting none the less. There are procedures in place in-which you could have followed to report Nutella, but instead you chose to retaliate in a completely unacceptable manner. As an ex HR member, we feel you should know better. 3.) You have been warned several times in the past for your conduct during voice channels, and you had even received your final warning recently for an issue of similar nature. 4.) In the first part of the recording provided, you can be clearly heard stating the following phrase - "raise your hand if you think Endy's a twt". This therefore contradicts your previous statement that you were provoked by Nutella. As always, if you feel that this decision is unfair and you wish to appeal, you can get into contact with management in the following ways: > Visit * > Email (edited)
Rico 03-Jul-19 02:34 AM
david 03-Jul-19 02:39 AM
Your last warning was a final warning, but whether or not it was final, shouldn’t affect how you behave in here. We expect all members of this server to treat everyone with respect, which you continue to fail to do, therefore we have no other choice but to permanently ban you from this server. (edited)
Rico 03-Jul-19 02:43 AM
Even if you are saying what you did with endy was a joke, your behaviour to the the staff team is appalling. Therefore we do not want this type of behaviour in our discord, so we have decided to ban you as Jamie stated if you feel like this is not correct then please contact management through the website or email.
We have nothing against you, as none of us actually know you on that level. So I believe it’s your actions which your are obviously failing to recognise here. You are here because someone reported you not because we have something against you, so please don’t throw out false accusations.
Enlighten me with those attitudes 😃
david 03-Jul-19 02:50 AM
I believe you are mixing professionalism up with respect. But, generally, you cannot expect respect when you speak so rudely towards other people. May I also say, your last warning was always a final warning. But as I said before, whether you know that or not should not influence you to act so disrespectfully, rude, and use such disgusting, vulgar language towards others. (edited)
You are completely missing the fact that you are treating the entire HR team and management with utter disrespect. That, on top of what we heard in that evidence, would result in a ban now, regardless of whether your last warning was final or not. To be honest, I don’t understand how treating anyone in such a way can provide you with any enjoyment.
Savage 03-Jul-19 02:56 AM
It doesn’t help the way you have talked towards us.
Jamie 03-Jul-19 02:57 AM
For the last time, clearly someone did take offence as a report was made against you.
Savage 03-Jul-19 02:57 AM
It’s utterly disgusting
david 03-Jul-19 02:57 AM
I think I speak for the entire HR team when I say we are not laughing. You are treating us with disrespect right now, and you seem to forget that. I am not going to let this go back and forth all night. If you have any final words, please say them now. Be sure to save the email or feedback link if you need them. Thank you.
Again, you are missing the fact that you are treating us with disrespect. Are you done here now?
We’ll take this into consideration. You will be removed from the server shortly
Christopher 16-Jul-19 11:46 AM
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