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Between 05-Aug-19 12:00 AM and 07-Aug-19 12:00 AM
SgtBreadStick 05-Aug-19 11:59 PM
I'm sorry Matt
Matt 06-Aug-19 12:01 AM
It's alright mate, just keep it chilled when trying to have these type of discussions
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 12:01 AM
you'll realise why I said it some time...
Matt 06-Aug-19 12:03 AM
yeah i know
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 12:04 AM
Matt 06-Aug-19 12:05 AM
just your opinions
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 12:05 AM
oh boy...
Matt 06-Aug-19 12:52 AM
Welp Kieran, you're being removed...
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:02 AM
And nah we don't need to prove anything because I have cloudflare access 🤷
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:08 AM
Just shows doesn’t it...
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:09 AM
Welp it's just annoying that you're that immature to breach NDA and completely abuse everything instead of sorting it out via DMs
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:11 AM
I had no choice when i was treated the way I was. Honestly thats the reason I left. You seriously can’t see
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:14 AM
Well you definitely did have a choice.
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:14 AM
I have been tired of all this shit, notified management multiple times and got fuck all back
And today was the last straw
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:16 AM
Okay BreadStick, no worries. Maybe send us the statement before doing all this 🤷
It is a civil way to do so
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:16 AM
A civil way? Ha, after what happened today? You’re joking right
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:17 AM
No I'm not. Being dead serious mate.
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:17 AM
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:17 AM
Welp Kieran, thought you more mature than this but okay.
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:18 AM
You’ll never learn, you never took notice of everything I’ve been saying in dev team
And never thought to care?
The irony id brilliant
You do realise without me, the site and dh will just die? Even dark said without me that he’d basically be unable to do anything
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:22 AM
So you're blackmailing us basically?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:22 AM
If you ever cared, or wanted things to be done a civil way. You and your “management” could have done something
Not blackmailing, i’m saying you should have took care of your staff
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:22 AM
When it would've been modest to raise the issues to us in a civil matter.
And yes it basically is
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:23 AM
Mate read up about blackmail
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:23 AM
You are demanding us to do something so we can get our stuff back
Breadstick, I think you need to realise what you've actually done
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:23 AM
I know what I did, you just need to realise your staff are actually hating this, just watch.
You think this is all gonna be over and done with
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:24 AM
Well how are we supposed to prove to you that we will change
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:24 AM
By treating your staff properly and making driver’s and public’s opinions matter and not just shrug them off or start a full blown WW3
Or even deleting them
Thats not what prime was
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:25 AM
But literally how can we prove this to you if all our services are gone
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:25 AM
Like I said, the staff are treating each other likes wankers and management are just letting it happen or even joining in
Errr, you too, your services down... i just added news
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:26 AM
Well I'm not having the website up with that sorry 🤷
You've breached NDA content
And it's NDA for a reason
You must understand this Kieran
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:27 AM
I know about the NDA, but you went and brought this on yourself with prime
I breached it to prove that this is not what a vtc should be like
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:27 AM
I understand that but it's still a breach of NDA
How do you except me to allow that content on our website
The most viewed thing in prime
and none of us have access to our website
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:28 AM
Actually, it was just the DH
You have access dont you?
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:28 AM
You removed access to everything..
Nope, you completely removed the primevtc access to fyfe
Hence why I removed the site (edited)
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:28 AM
Fml, i didnt do that. Hang on lemme fix plesk
I only restricted db access
Hang on
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:29 AM
You restricted all access this is why I turned off the site
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:29 AM
Feel free to flood dh news feed until i can fix it then i suppose
Website is fine, everything is fine nothing of access should have changed
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:30 AM
What's the details for primevtc then?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:30 AM
1 sec
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:30 AM
The details I've always used don't work :/
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:31 AM
Ok im never using plesk again, i turned off access to db and it breaks the account
Yep seems about right
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:31 AM
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:31 AM
Try now
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:32 AM
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:32 AM
Lemme reset the password
Try this pw ----------------
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:33 AM
cheers im in
right kieran
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:34 AM
Alright good, if you could turn the site back on i can try and fix the db
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:34 AM
i want to make you an agreement. i'm not even asking management about this. (edited)
like literally. i see your point and i agree how it was dealt with was shit
we need to address the situation with ifmp
i know that
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:35 AM
I mean the ifmp just made the chat ww3 and then it was staff vs staff
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:35 AM
i was wondering if you would be happy to make a joint announcement on this whole situation
yes i know, so much shit happened we needed to address it all
with chris being on loa, it makes it hard
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:35 AM
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:35 AM
and i'm trying to do tmp stuff
same with savage, he's not doing too great at the moment
it's really tricky
this is the last thing we need right now
like i can understand why you've done this
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:36 AM
Sorry if it wasn’t best timing of all this
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:36 AM
and i believe it's out of anger
it kinda wasn't
just shitty timing overall
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:36 AM
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:36 AM
like i really do want to work with you on this
but you can't have everything you want
you must understand this to an extent? (edited)
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:37 AM
And i know, what i did was something that cant be turned back
Well undone
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:37 AM
exactly, this is deep shit kieran
like if you wanted to, getting you back on the team would be tricky as fuck
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:37 AM
I tried to keep the stuff that was im team-chat non-personal content for security reasons
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:37 AM
i understood
people are pissed
and i'm pissed
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:37 AM
I can understand that
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:37 AM
but i understand the anger
i honestly do
and as i said, i want to deal with this
making this public and putting it that way where we can't do edit stuff is not how it should be done
i am happy to make a statement about it
but it's an internal issue, not public
and again, i want to sort this
because a lot of people were in the wrong
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:38 AM
Yeah, i’m sorry if i kinda made it way way way out of what it should have been
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:39 AM
i feel like it was imo
but it's because you were angry (correct me if im wrong)
like i know why you're angry
the situation could've been in a calm and civil manner
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:40 AM
I too, down the news on dh
I cant type
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:40 AM
look i appreciate that
let's work together on this. man to man
fuck chris and savage for this
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:40 AM
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:40 AM
like yes i should get them involved
but i'm the owner at the end of the day, if they want they can rid me but whatever
do you know what dns i need to change to add the site back on?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:41 AM
Lemme find the ip
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:42 AM
like after we resolve this issues, i will quickly finish what i was doing in tmp then i want to talk about the steps forward
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:42 AM
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:42 AM
gotcha, but do you know what the name is meant to be?
i put https
but i'm not sure that's right
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:42 AM
Wait wut
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:43 AM
basically this
i is noob
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:43 AM
oh fuck
Change https to @
And add the subdomains with same ip
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:43 AM
i didn't delete the subdomains
just main
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:43 AM
Oh ok
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:43 AM
but yeah that might do it
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:43 AM
Just change https to @
And it goes to “root”
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:44 AM
right hopefully cloudflare updates it
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:44 AM
Also if there was to be a call, it will have to be either like today in afternoon or voice call in dm
It should take up yo 10 min
I cant type pn ipad right now
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:45 AM
yeah that's fine. i want to talk about this
just act as a treaty i guess you could say until we talk
then we can discuss further steps
only if you're happy ofc
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:46 AM
I’m fine with that, if need be i can take screenshots down (theoretically) or something
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:46 AM
If you wouldn't mind, if you do that I won't class anything as an NDA breach there
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:47 AM
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:47 AM
hypothetically no action may be taken and all actions we have took could be reserved. we just need to chat
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:48 AM
I took the photo down
Statement still up but i cant do it on ipad
But ye
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:48 AM
that's ok. cloudflare is being 💩
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:49 AM
lime usual
Fuck tuping imma use mic talk thing
This is better
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:51 AM
like im in a really fucked predicament now
because i will have staff leave if you join (because of what you did)
and i can't blame them
if i was to let someone in who practically fucked us over 🤷
also no perms on plesk. i can just edit my own info lol
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:54 AM
Wait which people?
Because if it’s those i mentioned...
Then I don’t know
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:56 AM
it is some people you mentioned but yes. also it would be really strange to all that know about it for me to let you back in after fucking us over. and the level of trust is just kinda gone 🤷
now you've fucked us over once by deleting all access, when will it happen again?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:56 AM
The deleting all access was a mistake, dont know what happened there
But i hope it will never happen agaim
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:57 AM
i understand. site is back up now
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:58 AM
Good, does plesk work yet?
Matt 06-Aug-19 01:59 AM
legit only this
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 01:59 AM
Omfg i hate this thing
Try now
Matt 06-Aug-19 02:00 AM
oops lol
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 02:01 AM
Okay just fixed the team page error 500
Matt 06-Aug-19 02:02 AM
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 02:02 AM
Tfw plesk kills the db for no reason
Matt 06-Aug-19 02:02 AM
love that
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 02:02 AM
We really should move from plesk to cP LUL l
Matt 06-Aug-19 02:02 AM
the thing is now, do you want to come back?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 02:03 AM
Yeah i do, but i just dont want things to be like they were, but back to how it should be
I know a lot of staff will hate me but good on them, if they want to cause conflict and stuff then that’s their choice
Why is my ipad screen upside down, im typing with my ipad facing wrong way
Matt 06-Aug-19 02:04 AM
lmao, but idk what to do
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 02:05 AM
To be honest, i dont either
I like this
Matt 06-Aug-19 02:08 AM
oh is that ipad os?
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 02:08 AM
Matt 06-Aug-19 02:08 AM
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 02:08 AM
Swipe keyboard yeet
Matt 06-Aug-19 02:09 AM
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 02:09 AM
Dark theme too, tho i need a mouse and keyboard and case for it :p
Ooo, a usb to lightning adapter
That’s be great
Matt 06-Aug-19 02:10 AM
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 02:14 AM
Damn my magic mouse 2 doesnt work due to a bug
Matt 06-Aug-19 02:14 AM
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 04:05 PM
Matt 06-Aug-19 04:05 PM
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 04:07 PM
so the thing... what do we do?
Matt 06-Aug-19 04:07 PM
we're moving hosts now
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 04:07 PM
Matt 06-Aug-19 04:07 PM
we can't trust you anymore with hosting after abusing last night 🤷
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 04:08 PM
like i said the hosting thing was accidental and was not intended
Matt 06-Aug-19 04:08 PM
i know but you still did something that you had no permission to do so
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 04:08 PM
so what about the announcement thing?
Matt 06-Aug-19 04:09 PM
we will release an announcement about ifmp and this whole situation
that will come in days to follow. i need to chat with chris and savage. we just need to focus on these changes at the moment
SgtBreadStick 06-Aug-19 04:09 PM
fair enough