Original Statement

Greetings Prime management,
Today will be my last day of being part of Prime Logistics VTC, due to recent and previous events I have decided I will no longer be apart of this community.
After seeing what happened recently (the IFMP incident) I am absolutely shocked by the behaviour of your the staff including HR & PR and Management.

All the work I have done for you over the past 10 months of being part of Prime and get 0 to no credit and get treated like shit by all of you.
Everything i have done is worthless to me after all of what has occurred. Being screwed over by staff, management and others not what I expect of Prime.
You critisize VIVA for being really bad, yet it improved since their staff left and joined Prime while we have declined.
The entire VTC has become pathetic, especially the General Manager who does fuck all (admit it.) most HR and the Dir. of PR...
Your punishment system is absolute bollocks and the attitude of your staff is fucking god awful.

After the IFMP incident you all stated IFMP was toxic and really bad, did any of you act any better at all during that situation.
I don't care if you're TMP staff, is that 200+ of the driver's problems? Fuck no, it isn't at all.
I have done loads of work to be fucked over and then Sana constantly complains and says we need new this and new that (which is my work),
honestly she can fuck off with the comments as I give zero fucks of the retarded comments, Prime honestly is now the most toxic VTC i have been in.
Over the time I have been part of Prime it has declined so much, was a great vtc and is now so dictatorship piece of shite that means nothing to me.

I regret being part of Prime for so long after all the comments, hate and everything that has been said to me from all of the staff/management.
I will not be the only one leaving because of all of this. HR team is the shitest team or so called team i have seen, they're honestly just retarded bum-buddies...
Savage defends HR (david/Rico/Ali) and honestly they're just the dumbest bunch to be HR. I could do more and better than all of those idiots.
The fact you all defend each other even though you're in the wrong is shocking and is not what Prime was originally about.
By leaving Prime, I will be no longer be under so much stress of all this shit going on, the fact we got no recognition is astonishing.
The COO always takes credit for the Development work and says they do so much when all he does is a fucking bot and thats it, which isn't a lot at all...

Feel free to try and change my mind but before you do, improve your own staff team and make Prime an actual VTC instead of a toxic shitshow.
Not only that after the multiple complaints I previously put in, nothing has been done about almost all of them.
Honestly even though i've been through such much shit, even I can agree that VIVA is better.

You honestly let the previous staff who made VIVA the way it was into the VTC expecting they'll be really good but all they've done is make it absolutely terrible.
Management don't care about any fucker's opinion unless it benefits them a certain way, I'm surprised Prime lasted this long without a public freakout.
If any of the drivers knew about the shit that occurred, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have many left. Even though I said Prime is good, it never was for a long time...
Thank you again for all the nothing you have done for us and me. Enjoy all the hours of work I have put towards Prime.
I'm only sorry for Darkhej that he has to lose a great and ONLY member of Development Team, and I hope he follows the path I have chosen.
Feel free to send this to the staff and let them take the piss out of me, at least it'll be the most they've done in a while.

Ban me all you like but it will benefit the lot of you and future members who will join.
You have accused people of things when they were either not involved or was not even causing any issues.


Update: Aug 07, 2019 - Explaining the IFMP Situation and Others

Hello everyone,
So for those who didn't know about the IFMP situation, I will explain it here.
So what happened was that I said that I thought of joining IFMP and then stated Prime should support IFMP as well.
However that chat blew up causing a massive shitshow and to the point where they were abusing each other.
While that was all happening, all of a sudden some certain members were accused of causing issues which were not true.
But as I stated that it could be beneficial, people should be allowed to vote and instead they said that they will NOT be getting IFMP verification as a VTC.

At this point it was getting worse by the minute and while even management joined in, I couldn't continue watching it
I have watched many VTCs fall and watching all of that in Prime staff made me realise, do I really want to be part of this and seeing a VTC die again?
I then started to write and get all the info I could to show people, that this is not what a VTC is meant to be...
This wasn't meant to be just against Prime, but to show everyone that treating staff and each other like this is not a team, it's not a community.

Some things were said that were false statements about what I did, and I find that childish and disgusting that they wouldn't be 100% transparent about it.
The fact I stuck up for myself after being treated the way I was really grinded their gears and then all of a sudden they're the victim in this.
After all the VTCs I've been in, there was always one that went wrong or a massive mess, this also means I will NOT be part of any other VTC again.
I can put hours of work and also money into something and I always get thrown under the bus, no matter what. I have learnt from my mistakes and yet i'm still trying to find me feet.

Thank you for reading guys,
Yours Sincerely, SgtBreadStick.

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